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Welcome on board: funniest moments of a visarun along the Mae Kong

One of the silliest things ever... and in the psychological status of a visarun which is already by itself a very silly thing (bold statement indeed hey!), yeah look what we've seen: a couple of guys loading a whole freezer in a local bus! 
Photo taken in Vientiane bus station.

Maybe not so much nonsense if you do not have a vehicle and choose to rely on public transport: somebody said that they had seen not long before a refrigerator transported on a bicycle... missed that one though, it had to be quite a scene too!

...and here we are after minivan tour until bus station, local bus until the border along the Mae Kong, overtime fee payment and passport control in Laos, friendship bridge, passport control on the Thai side, local bus until Udonthani then... alright! transfer 
of 10 people plus luggage from one station to another on a pick-up in a chilly cold night of fullmoon!

It's alright! Just other ten hours to go...

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