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Notes of Music, organic gardening, eco-building, Permaculture designs and explorations along this Path in Life.


Sad findings in a smokey morning

In these days the smoke in the air it's sadly increasing. It's from forest fires, engulfing the whole Pai valley in a stinky grey haze.

Then look what I found today in the backyard during my regular chores of clean up... it's beyond sad. 


Carbon negative cooking slightly oversized

Some days ago I tried to cook (successfully at the end) using the big Elsa stove that I had previously put together. Not having any adjustable frame handy I decided to hang a pot from above and just give it a try, regulating the height with the length of the rope.
Indeed it worked but... ehm... looks like I needed a much wider pot or an Elsa with a smaller mouth. That's way too powerful! Check out the short video clip at the end of the post you'll see how strong it is...


On the way to Pai

Indeed it's going to be quite a good ride this time... at the guest house in Chiangmai, also the shop keeper came to take pictures!
Going to be One with the road again.
Pai valley hear me coming...

Building around Nature

Lovely spot... this really touched me! It's one of the various amazing points in Thailand where they built around the Nature. Very thai-style indeed in terms of materials and such but the higher purpose is very clear!
This is the entrance of the kitchen of Huean Samila guest house in Chiangmai, a really lovely place very near to Chiangmai gate


Carbon negative cooking sized up

This is a sized up version of the Elsa stove, a prototype that I put together at Shambala festival this year. It's the biggest that I have built so far, all for recycled materials some of which I had to buy by weight at the local recycling center: it costed me maybe half euro or so... no welding, only hand tools (metal scissors and hammer). 


Carbon negative food

While camping at Shambala festival this year I tried to set up a small display for carbon negative practice. Indeed I would have needed much more time to do it properly and with a wider exposure to the crowd... but this is going to be the improvement for next year! Of course it worked and attracted the attention of the neighbors too.
It's been a good start...



Perfect fire vs Open fire

Here is a few shots of an interesting comparison that you can see on video too. On the left there is a small Elsa stove replica (the base is considerably shorter than it should be but that's just because of lack of rough matter to play with.