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Notes of Music, organic gardening, eco-building, Permaculture designs and explorations along this Path in Life.


Completely coupled

These are meditations of mine that occurred to me today, looking at a friend's post that she wrote about her own heart's misadventures.
We are not in this Life to complete anybody and we shouldn't engage any relation of "couple" fooling ourselves about completing someone or getting completed by somebody else... we're all completely coupled with either sides of the Living Force, the male and the female but of course we not trained to get full control of our inner potential. Claiming our own "other side" may greatly improve our sentimental life.


Four hundred fingers

In these days, playing with my son as we study along our path of homeschooling, I realized an amazing numbering system... by myself! Well, it must have surely occurred already in human history but... I wasn't ever told beforeIt just occurred to me, how to count up to 400 on my 10 fingers. Yes, that's right.


Playing with beer caps

Here is a simple game you can play with some beer caps of various colors. It's very simple but fun to play it alone against yourself to match or better your best score; otherwise you can play it in a tournament with as many people as you want.


Mending a hole

Not quite like the gorgeous Beatles song about fixing a hole... anyway mending a hole in your socks can become a really nice meditation and it helps you to improve very quickly your sawing skills. Inserting a hard and round object is the very basic way to do it with ease.

More so when I realized this handy trick to make things even easier.