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Mending a hole

Not quite like the gorgeous Beatles song about fixing a hole... anyway mending a hole in your socks can become a really nice meditation and it helps you to improve very quickly your sawing skills. Inserting a hard and round object is the very basic way to do it with ease.

More so when I realized this handy trick to make things even easier.

It's really simple but it helps a lot: just... use two colors!
With the first color you can make all the horizontal stitches.
Nice and regular, all close to each other.

Then you can add the second color doing all the vertical points: stitching becomes a bit more like a miniature weaving, strengthening the fabric more and more as you go on.

It's done when you feel that both colors are evenly spread out, covering up all the damaged area. It's a good way to start my day!

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