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Notes of Music, organic gardening, eco-building, Permaculture designs and explorations along this Path in Life.


Completely coupled

These are meditations of mine that occurred to me today, looking at a friend's post that she wrote about her own heart's misadventures.
We are not in this Life to complete anybody and we shouldn't engage any relation of "couple" fooling ourselves about completing someone or getting completed by somebody else... we're all completely coupled with either sides of the Living Force, the male and the female but of course we not trained to get full control of our inner potential. Claiming our own "other side" may greatly improve our sentimental life.


Four hundred fingers

In these days, playing with my son as we study along our path of homeschooling, I realized an amazing numbering system... by myself! Well, it must have surely occurred already in human history but... I wasn't ever told beforeIt just occurred to me, how to count up to 400 on my 10 fingers. Yes, that's right.


Playing with beer caps

Here is a simple game you can play with some beer caps of various colors. It's very simple but fun to play it alone against yourself to match or better your best score; otherwise you can play it in a tournament with as many people as you want.


Mending a hole

Not quite like the gorgeous Beatles song about fixing a hole... anyway mending a hole in your socks can become a really nice meditation and it helps you to improve very quickly your sawing skills. Inserting a hard and round object is the very basic way to do it with ease.

More so when I realized this handy trick to make things even easier.


Columbus in the words of Native people

This pretty much says it all on Columbus. In the words and hearts of all Native people of the planet.

One Word: Christopher Columbus (Native Americans)
We invited Native Americans to respond to "Christopher Columbus."What did you learn in school about Christopher Columbus?For weekly videos, like us on facebook:
Posted by Cut on Tuesday, 24 November 2015


To notch or not to notch

In these days, setting up the various pieces of a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle that does not exist... yet! Lots of improvements in the
construction method already allowed a rapid series of achievements in the project.

Lot's of hand tools and just two kinds of wood until now: redwood and Douglas fir from a local lumber yard.


Post hole digger meditation

Meditation of a post hole digger. Every Yoga, every sutra... it's just a suggestion! Daily actions are way more inspiring and challenging, when you're making the real muscles. 


NUTurella, natural nutella

Some weeks ago I came across an interesting picture, listing the approximate content of ingredients of the famous hazelnut flavoured chocolate spread.

Top to bottom:
palm oil,
skimmed milk powder,
fat cocoa,
(white) sugar.
No big surprises... I have always known we should get that out of our breakfast table. So I was very thankful when a friend shared a recipe for an alternative vegan chocolate spread and this gave me the hint to make my own Ohmemade version... with hemp of course! 
(Original recipe in Italian language, without hemp here)


Geodesic ecovillage views

In these days me and my son are busy taking part at an amazing construction workshop... using bamboo to build a reciprocal geodesic dome


Soy family picture

Busy busy morning... getting things ready and get a good family picture, squeezing out of just 400 grams of organic soy a whole set of products. Here they are:
soymilk, okara, tofu, miso paste.


Umeboshi made in Italy

 In these days starts the first Ohme made experimental batch of a very common japanese food ingredient: it's umeboshi, the salty plums that are added as a side dish or inserted in the classic rice-balls.


Along the meditation thread

Sometimes what we get in Life, it's just an untangled mess of past circumstances.
Slowly, as we follow the thread, every knot comes to our hands.
Free the way from all the kinks, a new project eventually lives.


70 years have passed

Meditations in the space time.
1945, 25th of April in Udine as well as in all the rest of Italy, the WW2, the second world war was officially finished bringing finally peace and freedom to the country.

In front of kids of the age of my parents, about 8 years old in that time, a parade of real soldiers, real weapons and people that suffered real wounds and lost many of their beloved was leading them out of the nightmare of war... entering then the illusion of peace in a democracy manipulated by international interests of the winners and cold-war!

2015, 25th of April, Udine. 
In front of kids of the age of my son, 7 years old now, a cosplay parade of puppets, fake soldier, warriors and monsters of all kinds is leading them out of their own reality into the dream illusion of freedom, world peace and justice following the main stream creativity of those who have been bombed the most... 70 years ago, the Japanese people. 

"Wannabes" feelings, machismo, idols, sexual winks of all kinds fill up the air with an unreal buzz dancing into the groove of this subtle but heavy media manipulation.
Fake wounds, plastic weapons, fancy colors wigs and fantasy costumes hiding the identity but revealing the need of being seen, becoming someone else at least for an afternoon, jumping on top of the stage in front of everybody...

Let our generation be the link of wisdom, 
reading the past with eyes unveiled by hatred, 
living in the present with strong fearless heart,
allowing the future to bloom into the human 're^Evolution of consciousness.


Dome vs cube: the math of the results

In this post I would like to share the results of my mathematical meditations on the geometry of domes and cubes, considering the beauty of perfect conditions that all the proper rules give. It's all aimed at studying geodesic domes as an approximation of the half sphere.
Scratching my rusty memories a bit, especially about the properties of radicals (!!!), I managed to find out by myself all the results that I couldn't find elsewhere online. So I have been very proud of myself after so many years out of practice... I started examining the geometry of the dome as an half-sphere of radius R, in comparison with the half-cube of height a (thus with base 2a). So the basic formulas of volumes V and areas A are the following:

Then I solved the equations expressing the height of the half-cube a as a function of R, in the two cases of (1) the area of the half-cube being equal to the area of the half-sphere or (2) the volume of the half-cube being equal to the volume of the half-sphere. These two situations give completely different results but with some sort of "connection" and here they are:
the next step is to calculate in the first case (1) the volume of the half-cube and compare it with the volume of the half-sphere and in the second case (2) the area of the half-cube and compare it with the area of the half-sphere. These final steps have been by far the trickiest so that I had to keep checking the results over and over... before getting to something that resembled the expected outcome. I did both comparisons in the form of percentage proportion so in the first case of (1) the half-cube with the same area of the half-sphere, the volume of the half-cube is about 72.36% of the volume of the sphere. Here's the calculations.

In the second case of (2) the half-cube with the same volume of the half-sphere, the area of the half-cube is about 124.07% of the area of the half-sphere and here's the other calculations.

So at the very end the half-sphere (dome) wins on efficiency in both cases, encasing the biggest volume with a given area and the smallest area with a given volume! It all goes along with the rules of the Nature as they appear to be: we can all sleep well trusting that things are good, in the perfect world of theory...


Penta-hexagonal dome inspiration

In these latest nights of geodesic meditations, I have been exploring an apparently simplified dome model that is based on hexagons and pentagons, rather than triangles but basically just grouping them up.
Because of this, it turns out to be a little bit more sacred geometry alike, so it fits me way better. It's all just empirical reasoning and few hand drawn sketches but I feel this is a good concept.

The first model is actually made of pentagons and triangles, equivalent to the 2v frequency. The section in red is the fifth section of the ideal cover.
The next level up frequency that works with this concept is the 3v that gives a classic football-ball feeling. An interesting property of this design is that every joint connects always three corners, which is a fact that cannot be underestimated.

As the design grows in complexity it jumps up to 6v frequency, which is actually simplified down to only 4 patterns with 4 struts-length: one regular pentagon, one regular hexagon and two irregular hexagons. The lengths of the four struts (a,b,c,d) are calculated in a percentage of the longest strut (side of the regular hexagon). The number of each kind of pattern can be easily calculated: as we keep going up in complexity, the number of pentagons does not change (they're always six) as well as the number of regular hexagons (always ten, but just smaller and smaller compared to the radius of the dome). We just keep adding more and more kinds of irregular hexagons. The next levels up should be frequency 9v, 12v... always adding three extra: I didn't go further than this for now and probably it should be enough. 
The tricky point is calculating the correct angles of each irregular hexagon, planning to make each pattern flat. 
This is going to be the main subject of my next meditations.


Sacred trapeze dome geometry

I haven't been blogging for quite some time now, due to various issues so I am just testing this mobile platform. Late night inspiration sometimes is stronger than any other feeling...
Sacred geometry really "does" it for me so when I think-dome the trapeze design gives me much higher connection than the geodesic design: things feel like falling in place much easier... but really it may be just an impression. My intuition leads me to think that just the hexagon pattern or the dodecaedron patterns are usable. Then in the real world we'll have to consider the actual strut length and the solidity of the whole structure so that it doesn't get too heavy on the biggest facets.
Geodesic design will probably win every other design on big volumes... But I can still play a bit with pencil and paper before giving up the trapeze design.
Later I will go on, with a bit more time and bigger paper... all kinds of surprises are due to bloom this season!