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To notch or not to notch

In these days, setting up the various pieces of a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle that does not exist... yet! Lots of improvements in the
construction method already allowed a rapid series of achievements in the project.

Lot's of hand tools and just two kinds of wood until now: redwood and Douglas fir from a local lumber yard.

The main task of the day was achieved inserting temporarily a specifically cut piece while doing the measurements for the next notch: this piece has the same height that needs to be cut away (where it needed to be marked and notched), so inserting this piece under the opposite side, we can get a parallel position keeping the piece at the same angle with the connecting board.

The piece it's inserted under the opposite side from where needs to be marked.

Now it can be correctly marked as the board it's parallel to its final position.

The board gets notched out along the marks in a comfortable position.

Every board gets in so nicely in this way...

These little inserts of wood were a really 
handy tool especially because I was loading everything by myself: it could have been a lighter day with another couple of hands but after all it's been just a good full-time climbing and using leverages, the greatest gift of gravity! So I remembered again the great wood-worker truth saying that"long boards can walk" .
Indeed they can.

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