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Notes of Music, organic gardening, eco-building, Permaculture designs and explorations along this Path in Life.


Once upon a farm

A few days ago, while talking to a very good friend, I noticed that he was reading something different... so later I asked him about the book that he was holding and almost like it was the most normal thing he said: "I bought it online some time ago, for a couple hundred euros. Check it out!" When I did, I couldn't believe the amazing treasure that was open in front of my very eyes.

"The experinced farmer" from Cosimo Trinci
with the preface of Abbot Genovesi
Reprinted in Naples MDCCLXIX 1769


Grape harvest duo

Rushing before the upcoming weather change and saving the latest ripe fruits from hungry birds and bugs (sorry guys...), we've just survived the effort and harvested over a hundred kilos of grapes from our little grapevine.

Dazed daddy face at the end of the day... and shiny son.
Giving big thanks to the Divine Wholeness. We did it! 

Time to share and process what we cannot eat.


Grapes under syrup

Rush time! Grapevines are loaded with fruit but luckily a little less than usual... otherwise we would be in trouble to harvest it all. We need to proceed quickly an wisely to store the most that we can with the least effort as well as minimal equipment and manpower: Ohme made operation! It's all going to go... under syrup!