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Grapes under syrup

Rush time! Grapevines are loaded with fruit but luckily a little less than usual... otherwise we would be in trouble to harvest it all. We need to proceed quickly an wisely to store the most that we can with the least effort as well as minimal equipment and manpower: Ohme made operation! It's all going to go... under syrup!

Grapes need to be washed and rinsed after taking out of the stalks.

Here they're ready... and look good, don't they? Then we're filling up previously sterilized glass jars, while preparing the syrup, which is just water and brown sugar in the ratio of 300 grams x liter. Heat it up while stirring all along, then let it cool down. 

Then we just pour the syrup in the jars, covering the fruit; close tight the jars with their lids and boil them in a big pot. That's it! They went all airtight. Check out the next picture.

Both jars are filled with syrup but the jar on the left has been boiled already and is already airtight. The syrup itself turned dark-reddish color, sucking out pigments and flavors from the fruit. We are storing in this way about 25 liters of grapes syrup and we're looking forward to taste them in the next months...

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