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Notes of Music, organic gardening, eco-building, Permaculture designs and explorations along this Path in Life.


Colors change

Time is passing and the colors of the season are definitely changing: the ginkgo trees have grown this year but now it's time for them to rest. 

I have seen other ginkgo trees here in Italy, already grown tall and bearing fruits. They are planted around a busy round-about so I do not dear to try them: anyway seeing the fruits it's a good sign. Hopefully we'll find a place for them in the ground soon.


Forging bamboo

Never really played much before with a blow torch but I must say it's a really handy tool when you need to treat bamboo making it harder and mould proof. It's definitely a meditation: it takes a lot of time and effort to do it properly but the result it's really rewarding. This is all italian grown bamboo that I am putting together for a custom made bed-frame.

Chances are that I am going to set up a bamboo forging outpost in my the workshop of my dreams... ideally running on wood-gas... saying it out loud so it may help to manifest this soon!