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Healthy food yeah!

A wonderful new spot has reopened in the surroundings of Pai, opposite to the road going up to Mae Yen temple. It's Earth Tone with a wide selection of gnammy healthy food... hey but look what's up there...? 

Besides the many body care products and jarred food there is a wide selection of healthy sweets and drinks... check it out!

In the refrigerated spot, I was lucky enough to be allowed to start presenting and re-branding some of my Ohme made productions (finally with a first test label) and side by side with very well known excellent drinks and healthy foods. 

Here is Mr.ChocoSalame... one of the "ammunition" has been sold already! 150 grams size fully raw vegan treat for chocolate nuts... ehm lovers, right! That's my punch line for the label ;)

...and here is the water kefir with it's first label and packaging ever! 

Giving really lots of thanks for this amazing opportunity and looking forward to see how's the market going to expand up in the Pai valley. 

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