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Dochaku-kin compost: breeding indigenous bacteria in the soil

Today we completed the first stage of preparation of a big load of compost for a new land development in Pai, my biggest "premeditated" compost project ever... possibly involving in one time a total of 1 ton of matter!
The method we are using is consists in breeding the indigenous micro-organisms that are abundant in the first few centimeters of soil that we can find in native old growth forest: given the proper feed and the time to develop, this beneficial bacteria and fungi will then be used to inoculate bigger amounts of organic matter in the next stage of compost production.
You can check our compost making workshop page on facebook following this link.
This starter feed is mix of rice bran (from polished white rice not to confuse with rice husk, which is the external layer of rice) and molasses, in a proportion of:
15 kg of rice bran
0.5 liter of molasses
5-6 liters of water
20-25 kg of top soil

This mixture needs to be at the proper moisture, not too dry nor to wet which may depend on the conditions of the top soil used. Everything needs to be kept under a plastic tarp, in a shaded place. In about three days we should be able to see something happening... Hold on patiently!

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