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No ground under the feet

Starts this morning, at 8:40 AM twenty minutes earlier, the repairs of the house where we had just moved in. Usual story in Pai, constant trouble for teak wood, this time exposed to a nasty combination of humidity, bugs, mushrooms and molds...
Definitely a bunch of stuff I don't want my family to sleep with! 

The removal of the boards uncovers and intricate cosmos of caves, burst open by the workers tearing up the floor. It had several holes in a 2 square meters wide area and was going to fail soon in other spots: so the decision was quickly taken.

Yeah check on the size of these structures compared to my foot: those stringy mushrooms may have been up to 20 cm long. They were carrying up lots of moisture from the ground so the boards of the floor were always wet from underneath: every morning!

Definitely not under my bed... giving thanks for the owner's understanding and prompt action, however tricky to juggle moving out again while the works keep going on: the access to the kitchen and the toilet are blocked for the next few days. 

Dirt and rocks are shoveled in from the window: it's quite a task to keep workers under control, trying to avoid too much mess around. Unfortunately the garden got various damages due to the movements of the pick-up truck... it's not over yet and it's going to be more nasty as they'll mix the concrete tomorrow but things will recover, eventually.

No chance to interact as far as the decision making: totally thai style this time! 

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