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Floor making: second day

Today the first layer of concrete is laid down: a frame of bamboo is embedded in it from the beginning. It takes the workers the whole day... then it's going to dry and then get to the proper level: we're going to be out for various other days for sure!

Thai-style in every possible way, as I witness these two guys and the old land-lords working their day off: containing the mess becomes harder as the garden outside gets seriously "effected"... lemongrass bush lost under sand pile, big eggplant uprooted plus many other nice surroundings, tore down fence... but somehow rebuild differently at the end.

Mai pen raai... everything is alright and it doesn't matter how long it takes to get things fixed or rearranged again cos' eventually it's going to happen!... In the bin I count three half liter bottles, once filled with rice whiskey: got to keep them going on!

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