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From the floor to the roof... from the roof to the ground

Days pass by (it's the fourth already) as the layers pile up. But today we got to see how it's going to be finished: today arrived five-hundred more kg of concrete and various packs of tiles... ten fifty kg bags each: waw they were heavy!

It's getting closer and closer now but it has to dry all the way through each layer...

There are some of the bags, temporary addition to the wreck of the garden...

Just turn around for a moment and all of a sudden I notice this new mess clearly coming from up top: the brave elder land-lord (actually his father...) had climbed up to rearrange the teak leaf tiles of the roof. Follows a sequence of shots of his efforts.

There he comes checking out the top of the roof... amazing man! He had stuck each new tile up there balancing them on the tip of a long bamboo pole!

The "tail" of thin bamboo twists got wet before, getting them ready to use: amazing roof making technique... 

Checking out on the ground all the stuff coming down from the roof: I asked the old man and he said it's all going to be good stuff to burn... well the consistency it's just right for some other purpose. 

It's all going to crumble down beautifully in the next compost piles!

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