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Floor at the top level: fifth day

Proceeds full on the quick fix repairs of the house we're moving into. Under good supervision everything keeps flowing alright... here is the dog of the old man! 
The space starts to get already a completely different atmosphere and it feels really good!

At 10:00 AM it starts already to look like a very good working day: the workers have been increasingly well prepared and precise so far...

At the end of the day... he made it flush to the top level! Excellent job which needs to be just refined adding the filling of the gaps between tiles. Indeed I am very satisfied and it's really a good beginning. Tomorrow it's going to be another big day... 

The mountain of sand and all the outside started to look very different already... it's all falling down into place, from every direction, including "within" which it's the most important and indeed it feels so good! Giving a lot of thanks to the Divine Wholeness... 


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