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Solar water distiller

Here is an amazingly useful open source device able to extract up to 5 liter of water a day from seawater: it's a solar water distiller. It works using the energy of the Sun, that makes evaporate the salty water and then condense it in the lower vessel. 

Trasformare acqua marina in acqua potabile
It's called the Eliodomestico, designed by the italian researcher Gabriele DiamantiIt's available to all the developing countries through NGOs and vocational training centers.

I wonder if it would work also on regularly *questionable* tap water (like in Thailand for instance) making it more *drinkable*. By all means full thumbs up for this young designer!



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    1. yeah! cheers... I am glad we're sharing this interest: indeed it's an extraordinarily important topic. surely enough I will update as soon as possible with another design using a different principle (morning dew) and a wider "vessel"... a whole landscape ;)
      thanks for your links. water cooling it's also very interesting

  2. What a cool design--thanks for sharing!

  3. What a cool design--thanks for sharing!