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Awadori: amazing dance parade in Japan

We went to the south of Japan, in the prefecture of Shizuoka, on Tokushima island and enjoyed the amazing happening and celebration of awadori, a traditional street parade consisting of all live acoustic super trippy loopy grooves to support an incredible group dance... check out the links to the videos at the end of this post!  
The streets were jammed packed with people assisting the event and enjoying all these rounds and rounds of dancing groups for quite a few hours... actually we left at the end that the dance was still going on full power, after an incredibly long series of bands!
Beautiful colorful costumes pop up from every corner... it's like a fair in dream land!
 Please notice : when you play the following videos make sure you do NOT play it too loud: it will keep growing up possibly until the max output of your speaker when the drums arrive in the parade... beware and enjoy!!!   

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