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Interconnected geodesic teepee structures

Here is a couple of faded pictures of a new sort of design that I've been having in my mind lately. It's a sort of hybrid teepee geodesic using the framing support of teepee (with multiple crossed "A" frames), all natural materials like wood, bamboo, coconut leaves, earth, straw, clay, possibly hemp fiber to make hempcrete filling of the framing facing north of wind exposed area... which are expected to be very small, considering a surrounding set of fruit bearing trees and bushes.
Further updates of this design will be posted also in Geodesica, a dedicated facebook page dealing with geodesic concepts and inspiration.


  1. Nice!it's a very clever design. breaking symmetry always bears big surprises. What are the zones 1,2,3 and 4 on the ground plan?

  2. cheers!!!
    1 ground level
    2 first floor
    3 second floor
    4 third floor