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Carbon-negative reform job

Proceeding in the reform job documented in one of my recent posts, we added an extra room outside the window and the wall that we removed, creating a much bigger kitchen space and a very interesting flow of energies through the whole building.
This is the view of where there was previously the window and the external wall; the picture is taken from the new room, that before was actually the outside of the building. Being this a really special client, we had an interesting request to do something that I more than gladly accomplished and documented in this post!

Under the wooden floor of the new room...
 ...we placed 20 kg of charcoal! ...and there is place for much much more, to absorb humidity and bad smell.
Indeed this is a very interesting feature of japanese traditional building used especially in the basement of wooden temples but also below households that were thought for lasting long time and for the well being of their inhabitants.
Once I met a retired japanese man in Toride prefecture who was preparing bamboo charcoal for this purpose... there are pictures of that nice meeting somewhere in my hard-disk storage, now too far to reach.

The only concern is about the source of our charcoal... home made biochar /charcoal would be the very best choice, but in this case let's say that we got close enough... anyway still effectively storing C-carbon element instead of burning it and transform it again in the CO2 that the once-trees originally absorbed.

The simple equation of the atomic weights it's the following, so according to this we can calculate that by doing this we sequestered the equivalent of about 73.3 kg of carbon dioxide... partially balancing out the ecological footprint of this reform project. 

The aim now is to prepare another device to produce biochar from the leftover wood, while cooking on top of it of course... Get really close to finish one today, but some parts are still missing. Please stay tuned and keep check it out!


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