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Follow the trees

Just another little meditation on Love, whatever it is...

We're sailing through very deep unknown waters.
The winds of division keep blowing. Disposable feelings fly out of the window. Debris of shattered dreams pile up in every corner. People hide their scars and try to heal their self-induced loneliness under the placebo of social connections. It's a Karma storm. 

 Look at this tree.

It's been through a tough storm that crack it open, slicing its trunk in four.

It's a major wound but this tree is alive: every branch recovered and kept reaching for the sky, growing new bark over the sharp corners of the cracks. It's an amazing tree. I am very inspired. We better follow this example...

Healing gives more character to every body and
...brings out the real meaning of

The sky is clear and the sun is always shining over the clouds... which reminds me of an old song of mine.

I will heal playing Music again

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