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High tech from the past

In the last days I was compelled to consider an interesting evolution of one of the most daily human and animal activities... the one that is linking ourselves with the very source of Life, the soil where we grow the food we eat: I am talking about releasing our bodily products.
Well... in this magic moment, we are totally One with the Universe, letting go and allowing Life to pass through ourselves feeding our body. We are again animals (with anima = soul) and we are truly creators! How is it possible to disconnect our Soul from such an amazingly simple but profound activity?
Something has been going on quite backwards in the way we got used to do this in the latest generations... I am now in Japan: land of high-tech development and fascinating traditions. Nowadays something this is pretty common:
 A fully automated device with custom heated seat, spraying warm water to our bums or to the front for ladies and automatically flushing away our productions!

Actually in some of these devices you can also make it play a water flushing sound to inspire your moments! Amazing... amuzing... but really high-tech? or too much tech? and if there's a black out? and what about water? where does it all go?
Disconnected from what we are really doing, how and why... is it really something so un-natural?
In the reality, japanese people truly know how to do it and why! Indeed it's been just since the end of WWII that they have been forced to change: many houses still now and even in the middle of crowded towns do not have flush toilet but kept the old style "hole in the ground" and subscribe a regular and efficient service of pick-up and disposal managed by the local administration. Surely and sadly enough they do not handle it in the same way they used to do it in the past and they do not aim anymore at the production of human-compost also known as humanure. Indeed we produce the best fertilizer to grow what we eat...
I was so happy when I learned that: everything made so much sense as every cycle of Life appeared finally and perfectly closed. But check this out: it's indeed a marvelous piece of high-tech from the past!

It's a mechanic device created by Mr.Moule a long time ago... in 1873! It's an earth closet and instead of wasting (usable+drinkable) water it pours an appropriate amount of dry earth to cover up our fresh productions! The aim in this case is to manage (odorlessly) the whole process and produce at the end the very best fertilizer to grow our food. This indeed is the way to go and it's possibly much easier and straight forward, compared to the usual "scoop of sawdust" of a regular compost toilet. I cannot wait to set up some device like this as soon as the space/time will allow me to manifest it again... Thank you Mr.M! ;)

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