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Notes of Music, organic gardening, eco-building, Permaculture designs and explorations along this Path in Life.


A place called Ohm

Thanks to an amazing celestial combination and the support of a special uncle, my son Atomo and me are finally settling in a big huge spaceship farm house that we are going to call Ohm-home... or just Raw-Jah house since we're right next to a "roggia", a man made canal that draws its waters from a river and spreads it around to a wide range of fields.
It's in the northeast of Italy.

This is it, an old italian farm house: there is much more to it as you will see... Loads and heaps of works to do but as I know already very very well, Jah-work is never done!
Welcome Ohm...


King of kefir

In these days my water kefir grains have grown to their top shape ever... never ever seen anything this big since I got them seven years ago.

This is the king of kefir


Playing with hemp printed sacred geometry

Just a little playing around with 3D printed sacred geometry elements: of course they're made out of Kanesis hemp bio plastic and can be scaled, twisted and combined by design. It's just fun to do it as a board game...

These are the two basic elements. Never-ending combinations...


Printing with hemp

So many things happening in this rush of living and I have almost skipped taking notes of all the developments. One of the most thrilling things ever has already been taking shape for me... actually also volume and dimensions: it's 3D printing. Since I saw it in front of my very eyes just one year ago I made all my efforts to make it happen and now we can also design and print with hemp bio plastic HBP, a biodegradable filament patented by the italian company Kanesis derived from hemp fiber leftovers.


Bamboo handcrafts part one

Some amazing bamboo material has been stored lately, so now it's time to play: small things first, bigger things later on as soon as we get the chance. These are my first simple designs of handcrafted bamboo boxes