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Notes of Music, organic gardening, eco-building, Permaculture designs and explorations along this Path in Life.


Follow the trees

Just another little meditation on Love, whatever it is...

We're sailing through very deep unknown waters.
The winds of division keep blowing. Disposable feelings fly out of the window. Debris of shattered dreams pile up in every corner. People hide their scars and try to heal their self-induced loneliness under the placebo of social connections. It's a Karma storm. 

 Look at this tree.

It's been through a tough storm that crack it open, slicing its trunk in four.

Umeboshi for all

So here's another Ohme made japanese food production... made in Italy. It's the cosmic appointment that was already set since last year. Slightly delayed following the weather and adjusting a better timing for this harvest, today we stocked about 10kg of umeboshi, the salty plums that are the base of many traditional dishes.

Yesterday we went to pick them up from a native tree in a park nearby, so they're basically organic wild crafted since the tree is totally abandoned to itself. It's been some sort of homeschooling practice with my son, so that he can learn how to prepare food he likes by himself. 


Big biochar stove in action again

Here's the hot shot of the day... charring a post on top of our big Elsa stove using as biomass source the trimmings of the same grapevines where the biochar that was produced was then eventually deposited! Nice closed cycle of Carbon...

Check out the short video-clip with my little helper on the site!