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Notes of Music, organic gardening, eco-building, Permaculture designs and explorations along this Path in Life.


The birth of a biochar stove

Finally after long time setting things up, I was able to invest some time to make a biochar stove here in PaiThailand with zero material cost of course, reusing and recycling as usual... This is another small Elsa stove prototype: it works nicely producing perfect biochar in about 20 minutes process with this size, probably enough to get your carbon-negative coffee going. 

Instructions and details follow in this post, in the perspective of more extensive demonstrations and workshops here in Thailand.


Transforming a fence in a window at zero cost

Just finished today! It took me two full days (besides usual to-do-things) to tear down part of wall, rebuild a frame and then a window to go into it. The result is more than acceptable... actually it's quite good, matching closely the thai-style design but with a bit more careful approach in the total re-use of materials and left overs.

Mr. ChocoSalame more and more

A new supply of Mr.ChocoSalame has been placed today at EarthTone in Mae Yen, Pai. Come check it out quickly because one of these 5 chocosalame is a lucky one... who is going to get it?


Probiotic supply ready to go

More water kefir is ready, bottled and labelled (again with this simple test-design). Tomorrow possibly available to refill the storage supply at the Earth Tone store, in Pai... with 4 more liters! Come check it out



Healthy food super yeah!

Waw, I am still amazed since my post One with the Nature: Healthy food yeah!... all the Mr.ChocoSalame and several kefir bottles have been sold already! Give thanks indeed: it must be that the price was alright and the audience was "ripe". Now I've got to gear up and get into regular Ohme made production!

Filling the gaps: day six

Yeah so we finally made it until here... the floor is done! Mission completed. Now there is all the cleanup, finish checking the roof and then slowly pass to other creative tasks


Floor at the top level: fifth day

Proceeds full on the quick fix repairs of the house we're moving into. Under good supervision everything keeps flowing alright... here is the dog of the old man! 
The space starts to get already a completely different atmosphere and it feels really good!


Healthy food yeah!

A wonderful new spot has reopened in the surroundings of Pai, opposite to the road going up to Mae Yen temple. It's Earth Tone with a wide selection of gnammy healthy food... hey but look what's up there...? 

From the floor to the roof... from the roof to the ground

Days pass by (it's the fourth already) as the layers pile up. But today we got to see how it's going to be finished: today arrived five-hundred more kg of concrete and various packs of tiles... ten fifty kg bags each: waw they were heavy!


Floor fixing: day three

Today the concrete layer was just left to dry... jai yen-yen, that's the thai way, nothing to worry as time flows along! Keep cool while everything slowly proceeds... even when it seems it's all still. 


Floor making: second day

Today the first layer of concrete is laid down: a frame of bamboo is embedded in it from the beginning. It takes the workers the whole day... then it's going to dry and then get to the proper level: we're going to be out for various other days for sure!

Rain of coconuts

Today as I got out in the morning before 8:00 AM a full rain of coconuts had already fallen down and the brave climber was gone. The land lord pointed at that early morning harvest of gigantic seeds...


No ground under the feet

Starts this morning, at 8:40 AM twenty minutes earlier, the repairs of the house where we had just moved in. Usual story in Pai, constant trouble for teak wood, this time exposed to a nasty combination of humidity, bugs, mushrooms and molds...
Definitely a bunch of stuff I don't want my family to sleep with! 


Welcome on board: funniest moments of a visarun along the Mae Kong

One of the silliest things ever... and in the psychological status of a visarun which is already by itself a very silly thing (bold statement indeed hey!), yeah look what we've seen: a couple of guys loading a whole freezer in a local bus! 
Photo taken in Vientiane bus station.


Hybrid frame tandem

Hey check out this hybrid tandem recumbent+bicycle, really cool design!
Spotted in Laos during my visarun... means there are very interesting travelers around...



Amazing Chiangmai day and night!

Amazing Chiangmai! The thriving road markets of the northern capital of Thailand evolve around the clock following the tight schedule of the sales. Good chance to catch the moment! Then the next morning the scene is definitely quite different...


Dochaku-kin compost: breeding indigenous bacteria in the soil

Today we completed the first stage of preparation of a big load of compost for a new land development in Pai, my biggest "premeditated" compost project ever... possibly involving in one time a total of 1 ton of matter!


Bye bye garbage

What a load!
This big bag on top of the motorbike is just one of the various loads of the garbage we have picked up from the new little land development project that we are starting now in Pai, possibly the biggest and hopefully the last load of this size... all sorts of stuff, you name it: glass bottles, plastic, some batteries, some shoes... Now we are ready for an almost clean start... cannot imagine how much stuff is still buried underground :(
Hopefully consciousness will rise soon in Thailand too, allowing a new management system to bloom. 


Banana and bamboo mulching

Nothing better than a bit of activity in the yard, as the day gets slowly rolling in through the mellow hills of Pai
The bamboo grove nearby needs some proper care and lots of old and dried pieces of roots come off pretty easily all around the cluster but it's going to take a lot of effort before cleaning it properly.

A sudden idea pops up in my mind...


Happy New Year!

So eventually one year has passed... day by day, 
unrepeatable sequence of unique chances  
and memorable steps into the space/time.

Long time of silence online resetting and gathering energies 
for the upcoming new projects and events, now into the early stages of development.

I am going to set my highest intents into practical manifestations of the re^Evolution, focusing more into hemp promotion and distribution in the international market, through Erba Aromatica as well as get going again into music production with Solarsound...
It's all depending on the location where to start making things happen and looks like we've found a really good option.

Hold on tight as the details get clearer along the horizon deep thanks for all the gifts of the Universe
in the eternal perfection of Now!