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Four hundred fingers

In these days, playing with my son as we study along our path of homeschooling, I realized an amazing numbering system... by myself! Well, it must have surely occurred already in human history but... I wasn't ever told beforeIt just occurred to me, how to count up to 400 on my 10 fingers. Yes, that's right.

It is a simple way of using the Mayan numerical symbols and just apply that twice to your two hands. That's it! Maybe it's just the proper way of using those symbols or... would you just count until 5 using only one hand? Well, today I realized that I could do it.

Here is the basic Mayan numbers from 1 to 20, as you would write them. In the video and in the next pictures, you will see how to represent these symbols on the very tip of your fingers. It's some sort of esoteric mudras that are just brilliant for counting.

Using a symbol for zero, allows you to use two hands so in this way you can count until 20 for 20 times! That's how it works with some examples: 

 5      10

 15    20

 25    30

 35    40

 45    50

With somebody's help...if someone gives you a hand, you can also count together! The first hand counts 20^0=1, the next 20^1=20, the next 20^2=400, the next 20^3=8000 and so on.

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