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NUTurella, natural nutella

Some weeks ago I came across an interesting picture, listing the approximate content of ingredients of the famous hazelnut flavoured chocolate spread.

Top to bottom:
palm oil,
skimmed milk powder,
fat cocoa,
(white) sugar.
No big surprises... I have always known we should get that out of our breakfast table. So I was very thankful when a friend shared a recipe for an alternative vegan chocolate spread and this gave me the hint to make my own Ohmemade version... with hemp of course! 
(Original recipe in Italian language, without hemp here)
So this is the list of my ingredients: 

*12 tablespoons (T) of hazelnuts,
*4 T of hempnuts,
*2 T of hemp oil,
*8 T of ricemilk,
*4 T of brown sugar,
*3 T of cocoa powder.

A grinder and a good blender are highly recommended: please do NOT try this with just a little 300 watt stick blender like I did first time, otherwise you'll burn it like I did... it gets very sticky.

(1) toast the hazelnuts then take out some the peels rolling them in your fingers or all together in a table cloth (fun to do with kids...).
Next time I really promised to myself to make it carbon negative toasting the hazelnuts while feeding their shells to an Elsa stove... good thinking for next time though.

(2) grind the hazelnuts as fine as you can.

(3) mix the hazelnuts, the hempnuts and the hemp oil as you keep blending it until you start to get it to some sort of creamy consistency.

(4) slightly warm up the rice milk as you mix in the brown sugar, stirring it nicely then add the cocoa; take it out of the fire and keep stirring until nice and smooth.

(5) add the sweet cocoa milk to the nuts and keep blending until you get to a nice consistency. You may have to add a little extra milk. 

It works fine with the *new* 700 watt stick blender but it gets so sticky that you'll need to stop, unclog the blades and keep doing it. Heavy duty tools would be highly recommended...

That's it! Enjoy as you keep it refrigerated within a week... until it lasts!!! Gnammy time...