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Geodesic ecovillage views

In these days me and my son are busy taking part at an amazing construction workshop... using bamboo to build a reciprocal geodesic dome

The view from the yard is breath-taking, overlooking the hills and a little old village nearby.

The course is held by the Italian architect Biagio di Carlo, at the brilliant ecovillage Tempo di Vivere in Italy. Various developments are quickly inspired in this existing branch of ecobuilding, involving all sort of higher connections.

The very first stage is to cut the bamboo to measure. Everybody takes happily part at the chores... passing, cutting, measuring, as the time keeps flowing. 

Then the next stage is to build the two kind of patterns that we need: we are calling them Xs and Ys. They all follow the same clockwise rotation method, so they will match the reciprocal design as we put them together.

The piles keep growing up.

Each pattern has already some sort of rigidity so we can already taste the amazing strength of dome geometry.

Then we start laying the patterns around as it's needed, connecting them as we go.

At the end the result is very rewarding and a good heart felt open-heart brainstorming begins on the various cover options and the infinite related subjects... Many other models appear as the time flows smoothly and nice at the ecovillage.

Thank you all guys, thank you Biagio! You're all awesome! It's been a really good time together.

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