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Soy family picture

Busy busy morning... getting things ready and get a good family picture, squeezing out of just 400 grams of organic soy a whole set of products. Here they are:
soymilk, okara, tofu, miso paste.

I will get into more details in future posts: one branch of the production line, starts from soaked soy beans, nicely blended on the next day then strained into its liquid part (soymilk) and solids (okara, which usually gets slowly toasted in a pan then blended into various biscuits or bread recipes). 
Soymilk can be used like this (the bottle with the yellow cap) or made into tofu: the tofu-whey (the bottle with the blue cap) it's very rich in magnesium, tastes "not so bad" either and it's supposed to be very good for the heart and blood circulation... also for the vegetation of plants.
The other branch of production, starts from boiling the soaked soy beans then mush them into a paste adding sea salt and cultured steamed rice, which is called in Japanese koji, which requires a delicate preparation by itself. This time I made it myself... so I'm very proud of the results already: this is going to be miso as soon as it's ripe. The culture that is allowed to grow on rice turning it into koji is called Aspergillus orizae and it's able to process the protein of soy making it healthy and tasty.
While the first branch takes just about an hour to make, from soaked beans to tofu, the other branch from soaked beans to miso takes about a year to be properly ripe!
I'm going to get more specific in some further posts: this was just intended to take a good soy-family picture and document a quite busy and fun morning!

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