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70 years have passed

Meditations in the space time.
1945, 25th of April in Udine as well as in all the rest of Italy, the WW2, the second world war was officially finished bringing finally peace and freedom to the country.

In front of kids of the age of my parents, about 8 years old in that time, a parade of real soldiers, real weapons and people that suffered real wounds and lost many of their beloved was leading them out of the nightmare of war... entering then the illusion of peace in a democracy manipulated by international interests of the winners and cold-war!

2015, 25th of April, Udine. 
In front of kids of the age of my son, 7 years old now, a cosplay parade of puppets, fake soldier, warriors and monsters of all kinds is leading them out of their own reality into the dream illusion of freedom, world peace and justice following the main stream creativity of those who have been bombed the most... 70 years ago, the Japanese people. 

"Wannabes" feelings, machismo, idols, sexual winks of all kinds fill up the air with an unreal buzz dancing into the groove of this subtle but heavy media manipulation.
Fake wounds, plastic weapons, fancy colors wigs and fantasy costumes hiding the identity but revealing the need of being seen, becoming someone else at least for an afternoon, jumping on top of the stage in front of everybody...

Let our generation be the link of wisdom, 
reading the past with eyes unveiled by hatred, 
living in the present with strong fearless heart,
allowing the future to bloom into the human 're^Evolution of consciousness.

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