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Completely coupled

These are meditations of mine that occurred to me today, looking at a friend's post that she wrote about her own heart's misadventures.
We are not in this Life to complete anybody and we shouldn't engage any relation of "couple" fooling ourselves about completing someone or getting completed by somebody else... we're all completely coupled with either sides of the Living Force, the male and the female but of course we not trained to get full control of our inner potential. Claiming our own "other side" may greatly improve our sentimental life.

Biological laws have nothing to do with the enchanting bliss of meeting someone, sharing a seat along the journey. We are all completely-whole drops of the Universal Love!

Mirroring the highest perfection of Creation, we have the potential to expand our Consciousness to an infinite level, awakening the inner wisdom of selflessness: then we shall clearly see.

Embracing the continuous changes that constantly happen, keeping the balance in the midst of storming Life forces...
How much brighter would you have to be to "complete" a dull person? How much genius would you have to be to "complete" a fool? S/he may be just dealing with her/his own struggles, not being able to see the point. Love is about feeling an enchanting bliss that is a push to give... not about demanding attention or reassurance, because of a magic spell! 
The main task of our Life is to master the ego, becoming aware of all the induced detrimental attitudes we breath-in through the cycles of Karma: pessimism, criticism, egoism, envy, indifference... 

Let go to grasp more.
Listen in silence to hear clearly.
Be The One. The Two will then follow

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