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Perfect fire vs Open fire

Here is a few shots of an interesting comparison that you can see on video too. On the left there is a small Elsa stove replica (the base is considerably shorter than it should be but that's just because of lack of rough matter to play with.

Anyway it does work... and it impressed me a lot too, to see the two devices burning side by side. The difference in the amount of smoke produced it's huge! 

Here's a detail of the sandy base where I've set the stove.

To close the primary air and extend the duration of the process, it's enough to pack up a bit of sand around the base of the stove. In this simple way we can control the amount of air that comes in the combustion chamber. 

Hold on for a bit more until we start to set up workshops and demonstration on this very relevant issue. The smokey season is coming up soon here... got to get ready as soon as possible!  

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