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Sad findings in a smokey morning

In these days the smoke in the air it's sadly increasing. It's from forest fires, engulfing the whole Pai valley in a stinky grey haze.

Then look what I found today in the backyard during my regular chores of clean up... it's beyond sad. 

Between the fallen leaves, I picked up various pieces of plastic, a white button (yeah!), one AAA battery and... already half molten by the fire in which it had been thrown... a PET bottle, still capped and full of water when I found it!!!
This fire had been setup by the owner of this land.
I opened it and poured the water out, then I put it in this plastic bag but I couldn't believe in my eyes: how could you possibly arrange an open fire in your own backyard and dump into it (besides other random trash) also a plastic bottle still filled with water?.. 
No comment. Just recycle please.

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