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Beetroot wine brew

Here is another one of the experiments that I am developing in these days: it is actually my first brew ever! So I have just made treasure of the words of wise friends and expert parents and tried to play around with some interesting local elements...

This is a 5 liter bottle of beetroot wine...
It's an original brew where I mixed-in (1) some beetroot "tea" (the left over water after boiling the vegetables), actually a small percent, just getting to a color I liked; (2) then of course water, (3) sticky rice wash water (some friends pointed out that the water in which you soak sticky rice before cooking, it's really full of enzymes and it's obviously true) and (4) pineapple/lemongrass syrup which I had made ahead of time, some weeks ago.

The "funny" cap on top it's an idea of mine, which I put together gluing the cap of the 5 liter jar and a little plastic bottle, then drilled a hole through both and nicely gluing a plastic straw in that hole: when you fill up with water the little bottle and reach to the top of the straw it works as a CO2 filter
, allowing the fermentation to happen and letting out the C02 which bubbles out of the straw.

This is how the CO2-filter-cap looks like before putting it in place and you can see the lower part of the plastic straw poking out from the cap.

There has been lots of activity inside the big bottle, with a constant flow of bubbles up to the surface of the brew for the last couple of weeks. Hopefully this is a good sign... we'll soon see how it goes!

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