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Clean-up before yourself

There are many useful solutions that ripe in your mind after having to repeat on-and-on the same boring thing! Some of these many handy tricks may look like as obvious as:
be safe, take good care of your tools, work in a comfortable position...  

It's all really important stuff and on the long run they are really going to improve your results, whatever job you're trying to accomplish. But there is one thing that is going to improve right away...
I am talking about cleaning-up before yourself... whenever you are producing lots of debris or left overs just think ahead of time and (1) implement 
efficient ways to collect these materials, (2) find good ways to reuse them as new resources.

It sound like the most obvious thing ever and as matter of things, it is really easy... as easy as placing a sheet or a dust bin in the correct spot, where all the debris fall off your work. But if you don't do it before you're going to have to do it later on and unless you're paid by the hour and your work-ethics are... ehm quite low, it's always best to save time and energy: your own energy.
Think about it!

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