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Spirulina feast!

In these days we've been treating ourselves really well with super healthy food... we feasted on spirulina using three different kinds of it, from different sources: two dry and one fresh too... which is really an amazing super food!

The fresh spirulina paste is (ehm...was) in the jar in the middle of the previous picture. It's raw and creamy, incredibly concentrated: it's produced by Skyline Spirulinaa thai company based in Bangkok that grows it in tanks, covered in greenhouses... placed on top of skyscrapersIt's really high quality products and a wonderful concept farm.
The other two, in dry form, are those in the plastic bags on either sides of the jar: the one on the right comes from United States... from a very special gift, possibly the best ever, organic but quite expensive too. The one on the left side it's local thai spirulina, extremely cheap but definitely more blend and less flavorful.

It's possibly just a related kind like the one in this picture: a friend picked it up and pointed out to me in a very special location in Pai.

Definitely... I want to grow some as soon as possible and keep eating it every day!

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