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Resident lizards compost tea

In these days of high heat, all the rain is very welcome and lots of activity keeps happening all around: it maybe because of the full moon coming up for tomorrow too, but anyway lots of local friends are getting busy and active all day... some are busy all night but it's not easy to take pictures at them!
These two pictures and those that follow were taken in the day time at very lucky moments around our place, in Pai. Experimenting now using their droppings to make some sort of a liquid compost for our plants. Check it out!
This "guy" hangs out in our bathroom. He is a very quite and easy going kind of lizard not too noisy or ever over-acting but definitely adding a lot of good vibe to the space.

Cool hey?!?!...
Here is the same lizard moving around in another room.

This one is by far the hardest to catch as it is really super active and shy. It was checking me out and going up-and-down with its head with some sort of a rhythm. When it stopped it just ran away and disappeared.

I really like lizards and I am trying to respect their spaces and habits as much as possible, since I am starting a new small farming experiment collecting... ehm their droppings, mix it all with water and then give it to plants in some sort of a liquid compost. See what happens ;)

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