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Handmade pots

Here is a quite nice and easy way to make your own garden pots. Well... if you have the right hand tools and especially the right raw materials!All you need it's a pair of garden scissors, a stick (in this case a reused bamboo stick), and the right palm...
There are palms that grow some sort of a tough fiber-like fluffy edge along the side of their leaves. You can easily rip it off when the leaves fall-out or even trim it yourself along the side of still-standing leaves.

Just take a strip of this material, roll it up and poke the stick making sure to get the inner layer too. It's very easy with this amazing fiber... Trim off uneven edges and make it look like this.

Then you can add little strips to make the bottom, in various overlapping layers. This will prevent soil from falling down and will retain water, but you'll be able to rip it off easily when it's time to put the plant in the ground. 

So, these are my new pots, ready to be filled up! Nice, aren't they?!?!

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