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The birth of a kitchen top

In these days I have been working hard to prepare the first pieces of the kitchen top that we need in our place. The challenges are (1) to keep the investment as low as possible, (2) to use just the very few hand tools available (or kindly borrowed) and (3) to use recycled materials, local teak wood or bamboo. 

This is the layout of the first pieces... all just propped together for now.
The sink's tap is going to move as soon as possible. Every piece has been just quickly shaved by hand with machete and notched to connect to each other.

Now I am just fitting the wooden top and putting in place the support of the corner... no hammering drill with concrete bit available so that's the way I've chosen to go for!


 Not perfect... but I can live with it!
 Keep checking it out 'cause it's growing quickly!

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