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Ohme made Hemp food productions

Getting ready to prepare new products for sales and display at a market, I decided to experiment again with whole hemp seeds.
It's another episode of the Ohme made production series... aiming at a good hemp and herbs salt  mix. Likewise in the regular process of tofu making from soy bean we end up with okara, to make the hemp salt I needed hemp-okara... thus I had to (happily) make hemp-tofu first!!!
From 314 grams of whole hemp seeds (soaked over night... finding already some seeds ready to sprout in the morning) I was able to yield about a liter of nice and rich hemp-milk and 141 grams of hemp-okara. I divided the hemp-milk in 2 half liters batches and those yielded 96 + 101 grams of hemp-tofu: slowly heating up the hemp-milk and stirring it the whole time, it looks like it wouldn't really need anything to condense as it is separating itself quite well just with the heat. Anyhow I decided to add also some sort of nigari dissolving 2 small spoons of magnesium salt into 2 big spoons of water and it worked really well.

Hemp-tofu is ready!

The first batch

The second batch
 The hemp-okara, still wet after making the hemp-milk, needs to be dried up so when it's still hot and about ready, some of the salt gets mixed in and toasted together. At the end after cooling it down, all the other dried herbs are mixed in as needed: this time we had prepared basil, sage, oregano and rosemary... and all went happily in creating a tasty and flavorful salt mix! 
Hemp and herbs salt mix

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