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A morning full of insect meetings

Waw!!! I couldn't believe my eyes... in a very short time this morning, one after another, I had several meetings with various insects, having the chance to witness the daily happening of Natural events from the very tiny perspective of insects in their wild wild world! Check it out: the first meetings is with this big fat green caterpillar.

Indeed it is a very voracious and active one: by the time I took these pictures it had munched and let fall 2 or 3 flowers... and compared to my finger it's not much smaller!

At some point I noticed that a little spider was riding on its back... not that there was much movement at that point... but definitely a small spider was sitting there: very hard to catch it on focus but maybe you can guess in the last section before its curly tail there is some sort of a little shade. That's it!

Then one of the most crazy stories ever! While I was unloading some stuff from the car, one of the young cats of the house came out from under the bumper playing... with a big nasty wasp! An old one already tired to fly, with one wing already much shorter than the other: still very dangerous though! I didn't have the time to give some warning to the playful kitty... that he was already badly bitten on his right paw!!! Poor little kitty... 



The kitty was able to bite off the sting quickly by himself... but he was in obviously in atrocious pain! My son came later on and said that he saw the cat actually crying... so sad! So anyway while I was checking on the cat as well as the old wasp, that kept crawling around even if it had lost a good chunk of its abdomen stinging that poor cat... and on the other side a small black ant had already found the sting of the wasp and was carrying it away! So incredible fast...  

Luckily the cat, after looking really helpless and miserable for quite a long time and taking a long rest, he was able to walk again on its paw... but later on in the evening the stung paw was still swollen compare to the other.

 Poor little kitty...

Trying to recover from the shacking story of the kitty and wasp, I raised my eyes and there was standing a very funny looking sort of flying bug, with 4 wings like a rocket! Never seed anything like this!


Amazed again. I turn on the recycled oil tank that I was cleaning for some new stove project and there I found it completely under assault by a fleet of small black ants: two kinds of them, sort of workers and sort of soldiers, hard to guess in the following picture though; all busy scooping up the leftover traces of the hemp oil that was inside the tank!

Then I turned my eyes and the camera on the other side... and there I saw in the middle air a small green caterpillar dangling down on its own thread, shaking and moving while another nasty black ant was wildly attacking it! Again another very hard subject to get on the macro of my little camera but surely from this sequence and the video at the end you'll get how wild this fight was!



Waw... what an intense morning! And it all happened in less than 30 minutes.

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