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From inspiration to reality

In these days we have started to prepare for the Hemp festival (Payaka Asa matsuri) beginning the construction of a very special stage ready for this event. Indeed the hexagonal inspiration of the last days came beautifully to reality, following up the amazing style and design that we had already started working with before.

This is the first half...

Then we kept going... adding another half (total 18 + 18 pieces) but it wasn't enough: more were wanted! So... more we made!
In the picture on the right you can get a bit of the detail of the construction of the corners: magic of the hexagon! With colors it started really getting alive... here is a sequence of the coloring.

Finishing the day... a new magic appeared, the magic of shadows over these freshly painted solids! Waw... amazing three dimensional design!

The next day the stage appears in all its beauty...

 I like this shot...


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