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Amazing: could the solution be in the water?

Just bumped into this article thanks to a special friend... and I cannot refrain nor the enthusiasm or the need to discover more about it! Apparently they found a new technology to grow big, healthy vegetable and strong plants, without the use of chemical fertilizers or other genetic foolishness... saving loads of water too!

This technique, called Vi-Aqua has been developed by Professor Austin Darragh and Dr JJ Leahy of Limerick University's Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science and it consists solely by energizing water with radio frequency from a simple 24 volt device.
"Using a radio frequency wave of 27 MHz Vi-aqua transmits a safe electrical energy into water which enhances the performance of nutrient uptake...Vi-aqua works by altering the configuration of the hydrogen in water.
It influences the critical structure of hydrogen in suspension by producing greater availability of Oxides, Peroxides and Super Oxides.
Further to this process Vi-Aqua reduces the surface tension of water producing more available solute in solution which in turn makes nutrient more presentable to plant life...
The Vi-aqua system works by altering the natural surface charge of suspended particles and acts to modify the Zeta potential. The negative charge, induced by the applied signal, enhances the stability of the suspension by means of increased electrostatic repulsion between particles. This is due to the resultant double layer of ions that surround particles and vessel/pipe surfaces which are in contact with the water."

You can read the full article here.
There is a bit of debate as usual and scrolling down a simple web search I found this blog to be somehow interesting. Instantly a sequence jumps to my mind, the sequence of octaves above 27 Hz: 27, 54, 108, 216, 432... Again 432 Hz! Very interesting. Worth trying some 432 Hz tuning experiments even if it appears to be MHz here. But the main point is to get somebody like Dr Masaru Emoto to look into this kind of stuff: surely he would be able to check the Hado of this energized water and see what "messages" it carries. I have just posted the following message on Dr Emoto's official page on facebook:dearest Dr Masaru Emoto
in all your great deal of appointments along your highest mission, I would dare to ask you to look into this apparently "new" farming technique, consisting in energizing farming water with 27Hz radio frequencies and apparently determining much greater yields and very strong plants. it's called Vi-Aqua by irish Dr Darragh

just wondering if you already knew about it and eventually what is your opinion on it.

with deep gratitude for everything you make
best wishes


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