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Carbon negative teapot

In the regards of Carbon negative certification, with the conscious thought of proceeding a little bit more in the good direction, here is a tea pot heated up while producing a total of 19 grams of biochar, from two batches of 9 + 10 grams. This charcoal was then added up to a bigger batch now getting to 82 grams, now being prepared for a more consistent deposit soon.

During these two batches I have tested a new way of regulating primary air: the steel plate holding the base of the stove, contains the same amount of water in the bottle on the right when it is completely closed. So taking the water out of the plate at the beginning, then pouring it down in the plate again a bit at the time... and it's working! The wood was toasting really slow and hot... after I had poured in slowly half of the water then up to 3/4.

 Indeed it's been really good tea...
...and here two short video clips of the flame burning! Check it out...

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  1. updated with two short clips... really short I apologize! busy moments filming and taking care of things...