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Biomass test on a biochar stove

In this test I wanted to experiment on a really light kind of biomass: not sure of its name, possibly bottle gourd (ひおたん), the type that can grow big and becomes hard when dried. They didn't grow big for me a few years ago and I still have many... so I could easily fit one in my Elsa replica, together with other pieces of wood, stuffed also inside the gourd.

The stove had some minor updated, reshaping the blades on the top, now a bit more precise but it's always the same one since the beginning of this tour. 
As I was expecting the burn was not so long because light biomass goes quickly. Anyway it all went on regularly and with minimal smoke resulting in very minimal ashes at the end. The flame sometimes it's hard to see in the pictures... better in the evening but I couldn't wait that long!

...and here is the little gourd! unfortunately it cracked, but it didn't shrink so much as I was thinking. Very light biomass makes little biochar, but it's charcoal anyway and it's always good for the purpose.

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