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Opening the way to development

Not many uploads in these days... but making treasure of some "gift help from the Universe" a few substantial upgrades have happened at the house!

A new opening in the fence attached to the house allows now optimal flow and the kitchen is finally very well lit by a couple of new sky lights. 
We are really very happy about these achievements... check it out!

The bricks that came off the outdoor wall were all mostly in good conditions, actually in very good conditions, ready to be reused for the follow up projects. You'll see as the things develop.

These are the two skylights that finally let the sunshine in... they make a world of difference compared to before and now even closing the window I had made before we can see very well without electricity. Full on success! 

The yard on the side of the house is going to need proper development... and now it's possible for it to start!  

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