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Biochar stove meeting

In a sunny morning, friendly hosted at closed doors under the stunning green-living roof of the FatCat organic cafe' in Pai, an historical biochar stove meeting have happened: the meeting between Elsa stove and Planestove.


Check out the following shots and hold on for further developments.
The bodies of the two stoves differ in many ways... but they are actually completely different in their functioning, one being passive (Elsa) and the other being active (Planetstove) in terms that it needs power to function.


On the sturdy welded top of the Planetstove a pot can be easily placed for cooking. The same cannot happen for the Elsa, unless you either make an extra frame to hold the pot or you hang it from the top.  

Major difference: in the Planetstove the secondary air is moved by an active (electric) fan which could be on 12 volts but in this setup is connected to a regular plug. This is a limiting factor that some people find could difficult to accept but anyway the handling of each stoves has its own characteristics but consider that the Planetstove is designed to run on rice husk while the Elsa is able to process twigs and small branches of various sizes but not quite rice husk... possibly need to have both stoves! For this I am really grateful to have received a Planetstove to play with, along side the Elsa stoves that I built myself.

In the next tests new details will be taken into consideration, getting more practice and more data to examine.   

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