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Driving trio on the mountains

We're all ready to go... 1, 2, 3... go! a motorbike trio across the mountains of northern Thailand! Over a 130 km to go through, from Pai to Chiangmai and back on a tricky mountain road with a very sensitive load.
But we made it... 
The landscape we are going through is really gorgeous but severely damaged but wild fires in this season. One truck went off the road loosing it's load: safe was the driver, with just a little scratch on his forehead. 
 Unfortunately lots of garbage have been scattered along all the way too... the sky is grey and smelly of smoke but we passed by and even got wet with maybe a dozen drops of rain, unseen for long time now.

We keep going on nicely with a few stops along the way to stretch and have lunch. Total *one way* driving time just 5 hours and a half, which indeed it's not so bad after doing it by myself a few other times.

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On the way back we also loaded a few extra kilos of groceries from a store in town... but it took a little longer going uphill with more weight. Good to make it a bit more worth while with some convenient shopping, as we also saved on minivan tickets and accomodation making treasure of very nice friend's support in Chiangmai.

Indeed it's been a memorable tour... giving thanks to all the good Spirits that looked after us along the way! 


  1. I can't believe you did this...and in one day! Amazing what an adventure for the kids and you too I would imagine.

  2. yeah but we stayed in CM overnight hey...
    5 hours and a half driving both ways... though moments when they felt asleep... but they were well strapped around me ;)