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Baking in the biochar

Now that my latest Elsa stoves have grown up in size, making more biochar in one time, today it's the first time that I realized that there is also another bonus and it's that I can actually bake inside the stove!
Look what I wrapped up in aluminum foil and tossed into the stove while it was in full pyrolisys... the first baking test!
It's garlic! The "biochar baking" turned it into... garlic butter!
Indeed it's a really lovely discovery, so I'll be doing it many many other times... more! 

Baking garlic butter while cooking rice and being carbon negative by producing biochar all the the same time... it's a very good stack of functions, isn't it? This will immediately enter my cooking routines. I am so happy about this: with bigger stoves I can possibly try with potatoes or other vegetables too... cannot wait to try it!

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