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Tired of your tyres?

Some time ago, I had spotted some special presents along a small creek in the woods: between gorgeous meadows of bright flowers and green grasses... in a shady corner of the creek, four old tyres were laying down there.
Today, I just decided to go and take them out... all four of them! Tyres are treasure if you know how to use them. I always recommend people to watch a movie called Garbage warriors. It's about recycling of course. I really love it.

Anyway, so I went along this nice little country road, with our old family car...

Collecting four old tyres... with an old little car. Funny.
This wasn't the way I walked the other time though.
"The creek is on the other side of these bushes" I thought "let's find the way in!".

As I walked around, something caught my eye...
What's that?

A whole bunch of tyres!!!
Unbelievable... treasure... but I gave up. Nobody is going to touch this treasure anyway, unless they want to add some more to it. There is no lack of free tyres around... let's be positive and keep up with higher visions.

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