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Sustainability is out of scythe

Moon is waning. Leaf day and grass is tall already.
It's time to sharpen the scythe and get some good exercise cutting grass under the grapevines. The movement is smooth, the sound of the blade feels like waves on the shore... every breathe flows on the same rhythm.

Unfortunately the neighbor had the same idea... and spent the afternoon on his tractor, going up and down his property doing the same job but filling up the air with noise and stinky fumes. What a pain! Really annoying, so that I had to start over again another section just to be away from that bothering presence.

Then I just carried away my scythe, amazing hand tool... and my load of thoughts, carrying on the same job and the same meditations from a different perspective. Just a few days ago, when a friend pointed out an article arguing that Permaculture doesn't work, I realized that I hadn't been writing much about it.

As the noise and the fumes of the neighbor's tractor were fading away, I tried to visualize how many people had been working, applying their intelligence to manifest that tractor going up and down the hill... engineers, mechanics, office workers at the insurance company, merchants, shipping agents, retail sellers and of course... politicians and thousands of soldiers, ensuring that oil trades/wars keep happening as much as they can profit. Obviously they are involved too, those in power on top of governments.

Then I tried to compare this whole crowd with the people involved in manifesting the scythe in my very hands, from forging the iron, painting it, selling it down to 
my uncle that gifted it to me.

1000 times more? 2000 times?... maybe more, much more.
But... the tractor wasn't going that much faster than me and it didn't do any kind of mulching under the plants with the grass: the tractor just disintegrated it into useless dust, spreading it all around, not being able to cut in between the plants.
If there was just another friend or two helping me out with another scythe and a rake, we could have been even faster than the neighbor!
For sure: (1) making a much better job, (2) enjoying good physical exercise, (3) breathing nicely in the country side, (4) having a good chat while taking a rest... and so on, without being involved into any kind of war!

War is by far the most detrimental human activity. 
The most insane, devastating, unsustainable, criminal action against Mother Earth and all her creatures. War is a practice that humans have been carrying out for so long, but like... industrial farming it has grown to an unbearable level!

Chemical farming: plowing spoiled soil after spraying herbicides all around, then spreading synthetic fertilizer and manipulated seeds... tractors running back and forwards. At the same war tanks are running back and forward. 

When those chemical products fall on the ground (and there are leaks in their trailers, loosing it all around along the roads, on public land...) that crap just burns all the life that is there! It's like bombing our top soil, after ripping it apart.

This is a call.
Open you Heart, widen your views, live for a higher purpose.
Unplug from the sy$tem, connect with like minded Nature people.

Grow your (organic!) food.
Keep up with the re^Evolution!

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